We provide solutions catering to dredging industry.
Dredger technical
  • Crew and Technical Management of the dredger.
  • In-house repair team to carry out major layups thereby reducing downtime and cost of owners.
  • Root analysis to actual fitting of any modification & up gradation which will lead to production improvement.
  • Assistance in Dredger inspection for buying of dredgers.
  • With in-house automation expertise, we provide custom solutions of dredging fleet remote monitoring & viewing of dredging activities at convenience of your desk in office which is asset to dredging organisation.
  • In-house automation team with lesser reliance on shore.
Project Supervision &
  • We undertake & provide round the clock supervision for all dredging and reclamation related activity.
  • We along with our associates own & manage few Dredgers. We have undertaken and executed several dredging projects in India.
  • We have excellent workforce of around 200 personals experienced in handling capital and maintenance dredging projects.
  • Analysis of new dredging projects for dredging companies including production and cost calculations.
  • Assistance in tendering process & pre-bid meetings.
  • Arrangement of necessary hardware’s for dredging & reclamation (such as booster pump, piping etc.).
  • Arrangement of Bathymetry surveys.
Experience of Grab dredging & reclamation via air feeders
  • Carry an experience of Grab Dredging & reclamation of magnitude by air feeders. Cosima Marine Pvt Ltd is in position to provide assistance in procurement of suitable grab dredger from its owing company along with its associated equipment depending on the suitability of the project, and also provide its technical operation during the project.
  • The grab dredgers are available in various sizes over 50m3 bucket size and undertake projects where traditional TSHDs are unsuitable.
1. Grab Dredger dredging and dumping in the hopper barge.
2. Dump barges for loading.
3. Air feeder fitted with unloading backhoes. They unload the dredged material from the barges and drop into funnel of air feeder.
4. Mixing- This is optional and depends on the project requirement. Air feeder is fitted with rotary vane type feeder system which pushes the entire dredged material at very low speed depending on the amount of material to be handled. The air is injected at the feeder at very high volumes which pushes the dredged material like air plug and material is transported to dumping location.
5. Depending on the reclamation project requirements, the dredged material can be mixed with cement mixture or iron slag at the air feeder.
Our Dredging fleet
1. Dredger Type Cutter suction dredger
2. Principle Dimensions
  Length overall - 42.0m ,
  Breadth - 8.0 m
  Depth - 2.0 m
  Draft Loaded - 1.3m
  Dredging Depth - 16.0 m
  Diameter of Suction Pipe - 600mm
  Diameter of Discharge Pipe - 450mm
  Discharge Distance - 1500 m
  Water Flow- 3500 m3/hr approx.
  350~500 m3/hrs of solids
  Total Installed Power - 1273kw
  from Cummins engine
  Total discharge pipe -1.2 km, 500A,
  HDPE imported pipe with
  floating accessories.
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